Andreas C. Kapourani

Affiliations. MRC Human Genetics Unit & School of Informatics (University of Edinburgh)


Institute of Genetics and Cancer,

2XU, Crewe Road South,


I am post doctoral cross disciplinary fellow (XDF) at the University of Edinburgh working in machine learning and statistical modelling of single cell genomics. My aim is to pursue cross-disciplinary research in the intersection of data science and biomedicine.

I am working with Catalina Vallejos and collaborate closely with Neil Henderson’s lab where we use multi-modal single cell technologies to decode the molecular mechanisms regulating liver fibrosis and regeneration. I did my PhD at the School of Informatics (University of Edinburgh) under the supervision of Guido Sanguinetti.

Selected publications

  1. Bioinformatics
    Higher order methylation features for clustering and prediction in epigenomic studies
    Kapourani, Chantriolnt-Andreas, and Sanguinetti, Guido
    Bioinformatics 2016
  2. GBIO
    Melissa: Bayesian clustering and imputation of single-cell methylomes
    Kapourani, Chantriolnt-Andreas, and Sanguinetti, Guido
    Genome biology 2019
  3. GBIO
    scMET: Bayesian modeling of DNA methylation heterogeneity at single-cell resolution
    Kapourani, Chantriolnt-Andreas, Argelaguet, Ricard, Sanguinetti, Guido, and Vallejos, Catalina A.
    Genome Biology 2021